룸알바 Interior

룸알바 Interior is If both the walls and floor are covered with marble, the space may feel too cold and bare. In a room such as a dining room, a design element such as a marble floor can be very appropriate given the sophisticated character of the rooms. It is desirable that the floor pattern be repeated in individual decorative elements or accessories: marble vases, figurines, fireplace, etc. Small areas decorated with marble also give the interior an exquisite look.

The marble floor and wall structures, fireplaces and furniture in the room look chic. Marble is an excellent material for versatile and elegant interior design. Italian marble will transform your living room into the decoration of your home, and the finishes add a touch of grandeur to your interior.

Often preferred as a floor finish, Italian marble can also be used for various interior design accents such as accent walls and even Italian marble decorative elements. While the thin veins of marble create a completely unique floor, a remarkably similar look can be achieved with contemporary porcelain tiles, which can now be produced to realistically simulate a wide variety of materials, including natural stone and wood.

With more solid marble, the color variations are much more subtle and muted, but your floor will still stand out with its personality. Thanks to the unique pattern, texture, variety of shades and half-tones, marble organically fits into a modern interior, and you can achieve outstanding designs. Due to the technical characteristics of natural stone – strength, wear resistance, ease of cleaning, low electrical conductivity and good resistance to high temperatures – marble is often used as a finishing material for floors.

But as a floor material, it requires more careful maintenance than tiles and other types of natural stone, and is more susceptible to damage. Marble is a very popular natural stone that is mined and cut into slabs and tiles for various uses in residential and commercial buildings, including countertops, floors, and cladding. It is a soft stone that allows you to create geometric and winding patterns.

In fact, the use of marble is as adaptable as the vision of an interior designer, which is why it is so popular in real estate reviews. Even if you choose small tiles or mosaic patterns for the bathroom floor, you can still use marble to create an elegant and sophisticated look that blends with the other features of the space.

You can also enhance the beauty of marble bathroom floors by choosing furniture with contrasting colors and materials, such as the rich wood color used here. In the design of the kitchen, the same marble floor and countertops look very fashionable against the contrast of the furniture. All in all, we can say that the sophistication and gloss of marble floors enable you to create truly expensive but simple designs at the same time.

Since it is a product of the earth, each marble tile used on each floor is unique; there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Depending on the type, color and texture of the marble, you can choose larger or smaller tiles, which together form a mosaic with a unique pattern. Large tiles are best for displaying smooth, smooth marble textures and patterns.

In addition, marble floors for interiors in whitish shades are ideal in combination with light or dark parquet elements (for example, in any case, among the most fashionable and attractive proposals are floors made of light or white marble, ideal rooms, but also Above all, for small because they will give more brightness.With these floors you can decorate interiors in a Nordic, traditional, vintage and old style, but also in a modern and minimalist style, given the extreme versatility of the white marble floor.

In most cases, marble floors are used in the design of living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Although hardwood floors are indeed a statement and immediately add a touch of historical charm to any property, marble floors are the wisest choice for cities with warm summers, humid weather and long rainy seasons. From the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra to the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, several historical sites in India have been built with Markland marble for centuries.

Chances are, when you think of marble as a design element, you see large, cold rooms enclosed in stone from floor to ceiling. Not surprisingly, the latest fashion trends in interior design are rooted in ancient times, when the houses and villas of the nobility could not be imagined without marble.

The collection is suitable for every interior style, from simple and stylish solid hexagons to intricate mosaics inspired by different eras, but carefully crafted to create a timeless dignity in the built environment. From traditional tiles and lines to textured mosaics, this unique blue-grey marble is suitable for interior floors and walls. Marble is a metamorphic stone with a timeless history as a floor, wall, floor and sculpture material. This collection offers the ideal solution for any space, while offering exceptional quality. Durable marble tiles are available in 12×12 and 12×24 sizes for residential and commercial interiors.

For centuries, this stone has been mined and used as a building material for artistic statues, buildings, monuments and home interior decoration. These floor tiles and wall tiles, with their inherent beauty and white purity, combined with tiles, mosaics, decorative finishes and plates for countertops, walls and stairs, make them a natural choice for elegant living spaces of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thassos White Marble is a product provided by Marble Systems. Thassos white marble is often sought after by interior designers who want to create a luxurious material that can reflect light and decorate large and small spaces. Of course, in terms of interior design, the first-class finish that Thassos white marble must provide is only part of the appeal. The bright white finish and natural beauty make it a strong competitor for interior wall and floor projects, and its bold design extends creativity to the fireplace.

Marble is particularly suitable for wet areas-bathrooms and kitchens, as well as homes, restaurants and bedrooms. This is a rather interesting and unusual design, with irregularly shaped marble tiles around the bathtub, and the rest of the floor is complemented by wood. A very popular application of this type of installation is walk-in shower, marble shower floor or marble bathroom floor.

Although marble tiles designed for floors are much more durable than they appear, a little care and precautions can help with its maintenance and durability. Sealing floors with marble sealant will create a protective barrier and prevent stains over time.

Once installed, regular maintenance of a marble tile floor is relatively straightforward – it requires the same type of sweeping and wet cleaning as a ceramic tile floor. Unlike granite floor tiles, marble is easy to work with and just as durable.